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DUCKWRTH's latest single "Find A Way" arrived right on time

DUCKWRTH’s latest single “Find A Way” could not have come at a more important time. What was likely originally intended as a feel-good anthem to send us into the summer season has now taken on deeper significance due to the elevated spotlight on racial injustice in recent weeks. Amid global outcries against systemic racism, in comes the L.A. artist’s infectiously bubbly new track that emphasizes strength through adversity. Featuring guest spots from Alex Mali and Radio Ahlee, the single plays as a welcome beam of light during a dark time.

In a press release about the single, DUCKWRTH commented, “In this journey called life, us as humans will inevitably fall off the path, sometimes due to forces outside of our control. But we always find our way. This is the theme song to Our Comeback.” While people around the globe are taking to the streets to make their voices heard, “Find A Way” provides a worthy soundtrack to our collective hope for an improved future. With percussive, energizing production from The Breed Entertainment, DUCKWORTH mixes slick delivery in his verses with Mali’s soaring vocals in the hooks with enthralling results. With the heightened relevance of “Find A Way,” we are reminded of the meaningful role music has in a society pushing to be better.

"Find A Way" is available to stream or download here.

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