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Seb Wildblood welcomes us into his 'Hazy House' with new release

Seb Wildblood has opened the doors to his new Hazy House EP via all my thoughts, ushering us into an audial world of minimalism and introspection. The EP marks the DJ/producer's return to a more dancefloor-focused sound, having ventured further into the world of downtempo electronics, R&B and Balearic-imbued house.

Inspired by moments experienced throughout his second world tour in 2019, which saw him playing DJ sets everywhere from Australia and Japan to the UK and across North America, Hazy House is a tongue-in- cheek nod to the assumptions some may have about Wildblood's sound. An encapsulation of what his DJ set sounds like in 2020, Hazy House amalgamates robust house rhythms with electro's futuristic atmosphere for emotive hooks laden with dreamy flourishes and subtle complexities. On the A-side, "Hazy House Vol. 1" emphasizes his melodious techniques, showcasing a fluidity in its build. Buoyant and lush, Wildblood weaves warm synths into a whirring beat, chiming arpeggio motif floating in for a smooth inflection. On "Hazy House Vol. 2", the track offers an even more inviting tone, adding shaper edges for a more upbeat dance number. With angelic choral synths and subtle vocoder, the producer shows us an interesting delve into sonic depth, delivering soothing rolls of afterglow as the track climaxes with ease.

Connect with Seb Wildblood: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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