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Yelle announces new album with "Je t'aime encore" [Video]

French synth pop band Yelle always brings a dance party with their off-kilter and playful style. Started by lead singer Yelle and producer GrandMarnier back in 2005, the band’s tracks and videos have interesting narratives to go along with their fun, carefree tunes. Their new track “Je t’aime encore” is meant to be a love letter to France. It shows off the band’s calmer side while we sit in on a little haircut with Yelle and stylist Charlie Le Mindu in the video.

“Je t’aime encore” may seem tame in comparison to other Yelle tunes, but it’s just as alluring and groovy. The track has the potential to be this huge dance anthem, but Yelle delivers a stripped back slow-burner driven mostly by piano. Their restraint and control is what makes the end result a different kind of epic. Pillowed production and a melancholic undertone make for a sensual groove. "Je t'aime encore" comes with the announcement of a new Yelle album expected to release this September. It will be their first full length album in nearly 6 years. Look for more new tunes from it soon.

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