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B-âhwe drops an absolute stunner with "Sweet"

A quick listen to B-âhwe should make it clear that she is ready to blow up. The Leeds-based vocalist has been making her presence felt in the industry with a handful of singles as well as collaborations with artists like Lausse The Cat and has now stepped out with arguably her most powerful single to date. “Sweet” is an understated yet stirring track with a slow build that showcases B-âhwe’s captivating vocal skills that sit beautifully within Frankie Harper's production. The track is the final preview of her forthcoming debut EP entitled Nuance, which is set for release on May 29.

“Sweet” features themes of dualism as B-âhwe explores the struggle against gender stereotypes through the lens of a broken relationship. Lyrics like, “My head and heart contradicted” underscore her complex emotions that eventually land on a call for self-love and acceptance amid difficult times. With help from Harper's production and a superb band, the music for “Sweet” takes us on journey, beginning with ethereal keyboard pads under her airy melodies before dropping an irresistibly stylish slow beat. In the latter half of the arrangement, though, the music elevates to another level with punchy hits from the band as B-âhwe’s slinky voice glides over the top of the dense music, setting the stage for an exquisite climax to the track. With “Sweet,” B-âhwe again shows off her otherworldly vocal talent and tasteful musicality that should garner more international attention for her upcoming EP.

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Feature · Neo-Soul · R&B · Soul · U.K.


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