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Besomorph, Arcando, and Neoni join forces on the grooving "Army"

Respectively, making great waves both nationally and internationally, the boundary-pushing bass music talents of German producer Besomorph and Dutch producer Arcando are second to none. Independently crafting grandiose feature-film caliber soundscapes, their penchant for darker melodies and bone-rattling bass meant that their inevitable collaboration perfectly intertwined, with duo Neoni dutifully embellishing "Army" with a truly stellar top line.

Neoni's vocals act as the calm before the storm, setting the theme for "Army" before frenetic energy cascades around them, building towards the stadium-sized drop. Reminiscent of Two Feet's "Go F*ck Yourself", whether intentional or not, the indie trappings are traded for adrenaline-pumping EDM, with stomping horns and tight, trap drums. The guitar that timidly layers the introduction takes centre stage, coalescing with the bass for a grooving call and response. With a collaboration of this quality, let's hope there's more to come.

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