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Vagabond Mafia's video for "Cous Cous" is all about bringing people closer together

Vagabond Mafia is a five man hip-hop group who on their new record titled "Cous Cous," showcase their individual skill set and how they all come together like pieces in a puzzle. Inspired by the famous North African dish including the title ingredient, the crew cook up a vibrant piece that thrives on their differences and fun energy. 

The crew make use of a sparse ringtone backdrop as their canvas and proceed to cause havoc with their bravado laced raps. The accompanying DIY visual shows the height of using what you have to get what you want. In this quarantine era, acts have found ingenious ways of showcasing their art through the use of apps and artists are coming to the forefront to showcase the hope, inspiration, and creativity we are all capable of.
It is imaginative and novel as the Albuquerque, New Mexico group utilized every notable app a phone could incorporate to create a video showing unity, vision and ability to transcend the limitations of a quarantine. Different members highlight the use of certain apps and it all culminates in a reminder that we are viewing the world through our phones. At the end of it all, it brings a whole new meaning to the notion that the world is a global village.

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