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Joshua Crumbly finds solace on contemplative new single "Noah"

One of the upsides of this turbulent year so far has been an emerging sense of togetherness as folks around the globe have shared in the experience of life turned upside down. That sentiment provides a fitting backdrop for Joshua Crumbly’s forthcoming album Rise, which is due out May 15. With the LP’s gorgeous second single “Noah” dropping today, the up-and-coming bassist offers a deeper view into the emotional depth and communal feel of the forthcoming project.

In an email correspondence, Crumbly shared, “I wanted the album(Rise) to be as communal as possible, for there to be as many opportunities for everyone to… musically paint and communally express together. ‘Noah’ is a song that I think really embodies that ideology.” Dedicated to a dear college friend of Crumbly’s who passed away, the song has a beautifully ambient style with warm textures and tasteful melodic figures that dance around the mix. With an underlying drone throughout and stellar musicianship, the music evokes impressively diverse emotions without the use of lyrics or harmonic variation. With the meditative “Noah” and the more beat-driven “New Rock Thingy” as the only previews thus far of the upcoming LP, Joshua Crumbly proves to have immense talent and a grounded perspective that will connect with listeners and leave the door open for endless possibilities in the future.

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Ambient · Feature · Instrumental · Jazz


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[…] morning he released his next single “Noah" — Earmilk said of the track “with the LP's gorgeous second single ‘Noah,’ the up-and-coming […]


[…] is due out on May 15. He released his single, 'Noah' on all platforms via — Earmilk said of the track “with the LP's gorgeous second single ‘Noah,’ the up-and-coming […]