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Matthias Meyer launches new label 'Strangely Enough' with debut release

Revered for his mesmerizing DJ sets and uniquely memorable productions, long time Watergate resident and electronic artist Matthias Meyer has now expanded his range even further, launching his new imprint Strangely Enough, with an eponymous debut release.

A platform for illuminating his own diverse sound explorations, Meyer will be releasing special collaborations with some of his favourite producers. "The label allows me to explore different realms of production with added freedom," the producer shares. "In my DJ sets, you find lots of different elements, from deep house to breakbeat, hip hop to trance. I want to include these aspects in my productions going forward. Unique music but still deep, with lots of energy."

The eponymous debut EP, Strangely Enough, commands attention and showcases his varied musical palette—delving deep into the melodious end of dance music in a wondrous showcase of his sonic freedom.

Title track "Strangely Enough" is perhaps a reflection of its namesake; surprisingly soothing yet haunting, Meyer amalgamates juxtaposing elements for a dark yet vibrant groove, accentuated further by stirring vocal fragments. Never meandering but persistent in its delivery, the track is a perfect balance in between rousing dance floor tracks and the hazy after party moments, heralding legendary moments in the producer's long afterhours sets at his Watergate residency. On the other hand, "Fantazy" perfectly encapsulates the experimental vision of the label, a number that switches effortlessly between breaks to driving house for a true sonic defiance that will undoubtedly, usher in change.

Buy/Stream Strangely Enough here.

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