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Jordan Hawkins lets go of visuals for his sincere R&B song "Thankful" with Lish

Rising singer/songwriter Jordan Hawkins only has four songs out, but every single one is so damn good. The 22-year-old's talent is undeniable, and his timeless voice is no better showcased than on his 2019 single "Thankful" featuring Lish.

The song is an emotional, slow-moving R&B cut that is backed by a soulful electric guitar.

"You helped me heal, my wounds were deep" Hawkins sings passionately on the first verse. 

It's vague, leaving the listener strong enough words for them to feel his sincerity and appreciation, but ambiguous enough to allow the listener to reflect on their personal healing/relationships. Kish's impressive runs effortlessly transition from Hawkins' as if they were one. 

The new music video for "Thankful," shot by Anthony Supreme & Resolve Media Group, encapsulates the song's soul-powered mood, furthering and personifying the idea that love can be found in any number of moments. Purpose runs through every shot of the video: from the mother with her child to the couples showing affection, every moment builds on the idea of limitless love. Check it out up above. 

Connect with Jordan Hawkins: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | jordanhawkinsmusic.com 

Connect with Lish: SoundCloud | Instagram 

Photo Credit: Graham Smith 



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