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Hip-hop collective seeyousoon's debut single is a "Steamy" bop

Florida group seeyousoon have just debuted their first ever single entitled "Steamy" along with a cunning video. The collective consists of nine musicians and covers rap, R&B, soul, and indie. Though their debut track is just a glimpse of what the group can do, it's still a strong indicator of the interesting creative lane that they look to pave. Showcasing a variety of characters, flows, styles, and approaches, "Steamy" shows a hungry group of young artists that can't wait to take on the industry.

The instrumental on "Steamy" is staggering and menacing with wildly thrown ticks and whirls that can induce both anxiety and inspiration. It's the kind of beat that you can listen back to time and time again and hear new sounds each time. To name a few, this brilliantly dissonant landscape has sirens, howls, rings, buzzes, and even some bass and snare thumps. This organized chaos in the backdrop is only fitting for the fun variety of lyrical edge that the different vocalists of seeyousoon throw out. There are plenty of differing flows, rhyme schemes, and one liners packed into the multiple verses of the track, and the cutting hook rapped by the whole collective rings loudly and truly. Although it's hard to pick a favorite moment on the track, my choice would have to be the insistence that "Upside down. Bitch you lyin' loud. Better quiet down or I put this nine to the side of your eyebrow." Still, the fun of the track remains that most listeners will likely have a different answer due to the density of wit and energy throughout.

There's a ton to enjoy here with "Steamy," the wild beat makes perfect sense out of nonsense, the bars from each member are off the cuff, and the visuals show a fierce charm and charisma to match. seeyousoon clearly have creative ideas flowing from multiple unique spaces and if this debut is any indicator, those wells are a long way from running dry. It will be fascinating to see how these musicians develop, not only for the fun of listening to their music but also for the fun of figuring out what exactly is going on.

Connect with seeyousoon: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

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[…] The hip-hop collective seeyousoon drops debut single, ‘Steamy’ […]