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Efrain Opus and Emilio Rojas show the beauty in "The Slums" [Video]

New York rappers Efrain Opus and Emilio Rojas come together to enlighten everyone who is open to learning about the struggles of New York City, with Efrain particularly referencing The Bronx. Evoking powerful messages to the conscious mind, their new track "The Slums" will unquestionably give you the chills and leave you thinking about certain circumstances that may have not previously been on your mind.
Setting the tone for the theme, the visual wisely begins by defining the word "Slum" as "an inner-city community that is underfunded, overlooked and full of poverty and crime." Because of this, the black and white visual for "The Slums" is highly symbolic, leaving absolutely no room for a drop of color anywhere. Metaphorically, this was intelligently chosen because it almost seems as if all hope is lost due to the negative social and economic impacts of gentrification in various parts of the city. In order to spread this awareness, both of these artists cleverly intertwine poetic words coupled with a calm yet intense beat that stimulate all the senses. Impressing everyone, these artists leave a huge impact on all of us by spreading awareness through their music.
Connect with Efrain Opus: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify
Connect with Emilio Rojas: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
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