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Freshly dug out from the archives: Kedama - 'The Complete Collection'

Every aspiring musician hopes to be on the side of history that is remembered for generations, turning their name into a lasting legacy. The reality, however, is a little less hopeful, with most artists simply falling to the wayside. In the 1970s, Swiss progressive rock band Kedama met that very fate, abandoning their dreams of fame and fortune after only two years for a more sensible recoup of their accumulating debts. But as the saying goes—better late than never—and what better time than the present to celebrate the successes of your past. Which is why they decided to finally release Kedama- The Complete Collection as a tribute to their loyal past fans and an extensive introduction to hopeful new ones. 

The Complete Collection boasts of live recordings recorded by Kedama fans on Revox tape recorders between 1972-1976. Every track captures the essence of questioning youth with meandering guitar riffs and eager keyboard notes. It's not a sound that is structured like the classic rock anthems your parents would tap their fingers along to on a long car ride. Nor is it so ostentatiously experimental that you can't even find a space to get lost in. It's simply joyful, reminiscent of a band that was grateful for its limited studio time and played like it. Gratefulness they still share today: "For us this collection is very significant. We had fair success in Europe at the time, but over the years our music gained more global recognition. Perhaps like a good wine, that gets better over the years." 

Kedama's triple album is available now via Castle Face Records

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