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We're dreaming a 'Daydream' with Carlo Whale's newest release

Kicking off 2020, Italian producer Carlo Whale presents his new EP Daydreams on Manual Music—one that further explores the intrinsic intersectionality of music, technology, nature and beyond.

Whale's organic approach to music finds his emotions reflected in the nature around him and with this ideology, looks to turn the emotions of a moment into touching sound; Daydream is a well-crafted embodiment of his experiences, teeming with emotions and mellifluous chords. The two-track EP opens with titular track "Daydreams", in which we see Whale roping us in easily with hypnotizing synth loops and robust shakers. Building on almost woozy hymns, the number paints a narrative both cinematic and ethereal, transitioning seamlessly into the darker textures of "Enough". Dramatics ooze through the producer's use of string arrangements, all-encompassing in its orchestral capacity. With unique electronic techniques illuminated throughout, Daydreams is a testament to Whale's flourishing production capabilities.

Since 2013, the experimental producer Carlo Whale has been making waves, developing and honing his craft in his hometown of Cagliari. Inspired by his surroundings, the Italian artist has worked to present an emotive and distinguished sound, driven by his evolution in producing. Whale has found a handful of quality releases landing on labels such as Inner Symphony and most recently, a defining release on Berlin's Einmusika; ‘Lonely / Million Faces EP. 

Buy/stream Daydreams here.


Connect with Carlo Whale: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

House · Techno


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