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CHINWE unveils dreamy new single "Oh Love"

Rising London vocalist CHINWE has just dropped a mesmerizing new single "Oh Love." This new track is just her second released single to date, coming after her hazy and seductive "Blue" last year.  Despite a brief catalog, the two short tracks are still enough to showcase a special voice that is full of passion and courage. This limited discography for the eager songstress is more intriguing than disappointing as the honesty and charisma on display is more than satisfactory.  CHINWE's fleeting artistry on both tracks show promise for what's to come with a voice that is hungry to be let free.

"Oh Love" is a soulful croon from CHINWE that rings somber grooves of unrequited love. The rich layered beat begins with faint, dreary organ chords and slowly progress into a more immersive texture, gradually adding guitar sparks and vocal hums. This somber yet infectious backdrop is a gorgeous compliment to CHINWE's sultry high pitched wails that yearn for the presence of a lover. Her tones strike deep chords with the lonely and needy on the first verse, "My blood stands still out of fear when you're not here. I'm losing time trying to piece back together fragments of you and I." The strongest and most relatable words continually come at the hook however, as CHINWE simply states, "Oh love, look where you left me. Oh love, how could you forget me."

CHINWE's second single presents an alarming amount of vulnerability and depth in an impressively short span. Her ability to create intimate moments in such brief periods is an outstanding achievement in and of itself. Still, given the ambient sonic streaks she has provided here, it is even more exciting to imagine what CHINWE will be able to creatively provide given more time and development.

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