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Tommy Down seeks connection in soulful new single

Music fans who enjoy old school style with a modern flair should be on the lookout for Tommy Down. The London-based artist is back with a new single, “Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You,” that would be at home in the annals of soul music’s early years were it not for his smooth vocal delivery and lyrics that discuss romance in the current moment.

The understated instrumentals on the track, with a pulsing drumbeat and familiar chord progression, provide a fitting backdrop for Down’s emotive words about the aftermath of a breakup. He speaks about the desire to fill the void of a lost partner with words like, “I’ve been searching for another meaning / even if it’s only for the day.” Ultimately, though, the song is somewhat of a cautionary tale about the superficiality of the era of dating apps, which can make it increasingly difficult to find deep connection. Down communicates these themes with strong musicianship and a timeless style that should make him an artist to watch.

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