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New R&B artist Samica debuts sophomore release, "Design"

New R&B singer Samica released her debut single, "Alright" towards the end of 2019, and is now back with her second original song, "Design." 

First showcasing her vocals via online cover videos, Samica's very classic, mature way of singing is just the beginning of what makes her special. Her vocal delivery puts emphasis on every word, making it impossible to not pay close attention to what she's saying. On "Design" she tells a story of being lost in love but, instead of detailing a relationship, she focuses on the feeling. Using only an acoustic guitar and without much specifics on her story, the listener is left to draw from their own memory of love.

"I was made for you, I know by design / This is love," she sings. 

The repetition of the chorus seems to be calculated, but it's welcomed as it gradually becomes ingrained in the listener's mind. Samica's polished approach is that of a veteran artist, and makes it difficult not to enjoy the song. Press play on "Design" up above and pay attention to what she has coming up by following her socials below. 

Connect with Samica: TwitterFacebook | Instagram | YouTube 

Acoustic R&B · R&B


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