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"KAOS04" shines a spotlight on the artists keeping techno fun

Madrid’s Héctor Oaks has become one of Europe’s most exciting names in techno following his move to Berlin. A resident of the infamous Herrensauna, alongside a reputation as one of the most engaging selectors on the scene quickly cemented his name on techno’s wall of fame. The latest release on his label, OAKS, a four-track EP from various artists, highlights his eye for quality music and producers.

WE ONLY WANT YOU FOR YOUR BODY, consisting of tracks from Peder Mannerfelt, VTSS, Hadone and Ascion, showcases the high-impact, relentlessly energetic techno that is so closely associated with Oaks and his label. The first track, the OnScreenActor remix of Mannerfelt’s “Sissel & Bass” kicks the EP off to a frenzied start. With distorted vocals teased in over a pounding bassline, which slowly crescendos into a distinctly memorable list of questions: “Can you play it harder? Can you play it faster? Can you play it funnier?” It’s the chaotic, unpredictable sound that’s keeping techno alive and exciting, and could well be the standout track of the EP; although this doesn’t take anything away from the rest.

VTSS - who has shot to stardom in recent times due to her effortless blends of techno, EBM, acid, hardcore and everything in-between - contributes the second track, “TRACK FOR HECTOR”. A proud example of one in a string of ruthless women in dance music, VTSS’ contribution is no different to what we have come to expect from her. As unabating as always, “TRACK FOR HECTOR” continuously rolls, even in its slight build ups. It’s dance music designed to entrance dance-floors.

Both Hadone and Ascion’s contributions, “Dying sanity” and “Cultural Abuse (Kaos Version)” respectively, continue the run of beautifully hedonistic music. Each track is a peak-time slammer - the type that allows you to completely lose track of time and be led astray for a while. Each track on the EP stands to prove that techno can remain heavy, fast and still be incredibly fun - it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. OAKS is undoubtably a label to watch for those who have a taste for exuberance.

WE ONLY WANT YOU FOR YOUR BODY can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Hector Oaks: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 

Dance · Rave · Techno


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[…] As one of the figureheads in the modern re-invention of techno, VTSS is no stranger to weaving through genres within her work; her contributions to this latest EP are no different. "Batman Church" leans more towards the EBM side of things, combining a bountiful energy with borderline aggressive vocals to create a track that was made for the confines of a sweaty warehouse and no less. "How to Win Big" is a little bit more acid-y, and a touch trance-y — just about everything you might expect from a VTSS track. A princess of modern rave sounds, Martyna Maja's contributions to the EP are simply further notches to add the the bedpost of ludicrously great tracks. […]