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Patrick's "Heavenly Bodies" may be falling out the sky, but his new single is straight from the heart

"Breathe deep / It'll be OK," Irish singer-songwriter Patrick sings on his latest release "Heavenly Bodies". Adding the quintessential staple to his small but growing catalogue—the break-up song—this emerging talent it out to prove that self-love, just like its companioned counterpart, comes in many colours.  

It's hard to believe that the self-assured voice chanting over the impassioned piano keys in fact has a hearing defect. Admitting to hearing through vibrations, Patrick's limitation is anything but. With every "ooooh-oooh-oh-oh", a little piece of your heart sings along to this masterfully performed anthem. "I fell for someone I shouldn’t have fallen for," he explains further. "I ignored the signs, until it was too late. My head got fucked up afterwards. I wrote a song as my therapy. Shorter version: men are dicks.”

"Heavenly Bodies" feels open and accepting, adopting a certain "look at me" attitude with its pop-rock piano and guitar pairing that doesn't feel desperate. In truth, it is born out of a desire to be a voice for those who feel like they don't have their own. More than just a song for the lovelorn, it's Patrick's own declaration of freedom from doubt and judgement. Whether for his musical abilities as a singer who can't hear properly, or as a gay man who felt abused and shamed into coming out on someone else's terms. Whatever the cause of the heartbreak may be, remember to simply breathe deep. It'll be OK. 

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