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"Don't Wait" to watch Rowlan's new visual [Video]

Rowlan, a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, releases a new impactful visual of his latest single "Don't Wait." Take a walk with Rowlan by some beautiful views of the West Coast as he expresses his version of love to a woman. 
Rowlan has a masterful talent for opening up in his songwriting to allow audiences to experience an extremely personal and vulnerable side of himself. Through the music video for "Don't Wait" we get to actually witness a physical manifestation of the intimacy of his music firsthand. Revealing his feelings and talking about love though each heartfelt lyric, Rowlan expresses his intentions and desires. Being emotionally intelligent, Rowlan not only raps about his dreams in all of his music, but he simultaneously turns them into a heavenly reality. The ability to translate these passionate emotions through each mesmerizing melody is what makes Rowlan such a special artist to listen to. 
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