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DVNTAE gets deep and personal on his newest single “Stingray”

New-Orleans native DVNTAE has released his newest single “Stingray,” giving us a front-row seat to the not so bright side of his life. On the track, he discusses his feelings about lost friends, old romantic flings, and kicking bad habits. 

On “Stingray” DVNTAE perfectly balances his catchy auto-tuned vocals with his vulnerable lyrics. Notably, amongst the upbeat sound production, he takes shots at multiple people who have switched up on him throughout his journey. Nevertheless, his positive spirit is sprinkled throughout the track as he makes references to his constant grind to succeed. We can look forward to DVNTAE releasing his second full-length project Bless.The.Beast later this year. Until then, we’ll definitely be adding “Stingray” to our rotation.  

Connect with DVNTAE: Spotify | Instagram



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