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Go for a drive and talk about love with Russ in the "NIGHTTIME"

The multidimensional Russ is way ahead of his time giving us a taste of 2020 in the end of 2019. With impeccable work ethic and tunnel vision, Russ does it all when it comes to his music: he writes, produces, mixes, and masters his songs. This time, he has released his new track "NIGHTTIME" off of his upcoming new album, Shake The Snow Globe, which will drop in 2020.

"NIGHTTIME" is a song that you will want to play when it gets dark out. While the words are meaningful and powerful, the melody is relaxing and calming. Russ questions if someone understands his love. After all, isn't love the most powerful and important force in the world? Whatever the case is, real love heals everything. It gives us the energy to keep going. It provides us with a certain kind of clarity, not blurred vision. However, we are all unique and the way that we interpret love is different. When Russ asks this question, he is probably worried that the love he gives out will get lost in translation. We've all felt this before. So he speaks for not only himself, but also for all of us.

Real love doesn't slow you down. It fulfills you. It gives you more fuel. It helps you through the struggles, not just during the good times. It appreciates the most important thing: your time, and "NIGHTTIME" is titled perfectly. If anyone feels like questioning love, the world, or even just yourself, the audience can put this song on and go for a random car ride in the night. It will give you an enigmatic yet relaxing feeling, especially if there is a full moon out.

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