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Duncecap and E L U C I D release a subversive masterpiece with the "Miserable Then" EP

Just before the year comes to a close, Brooklyn based rapper & vocalist Duncecap has put in his bid for the most subversive hip-hop project of the year. His latest project is a collaboration with acclaimed producer/rapper and fellow Brooklynite E L U C I D, that is a highly experimental sonic tapestry that is unlike anything else in either party's discography.

Reminiscent of the releases of early-aughts Def Jux, the EP weaves in elements of industrial, punk, and psych-rock into despondent soundscapes that Duncecap uses to deal with a number of introspective themes, including the inherent ills of capitalism, the yearning of genuine connection in today's hook-up culture, the transience of morality, and an overall search for self-acceptance. 

Listen to the project above and be sure to keep an eye out for Duncecap and E L U C I D going into 2020!

Connect with Duncecap: Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud

Connect with E L U C I D: Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud

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