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Marco DeLiso’s "And We Fall" is a quirky burst of positivity

Cambridge, Massachusetts based Marco DeLiso crafts his unique style of cheerful indie pop. His latest single entitled "And We Fall" highlights his hip-hop influences, quirky instrumentation, and punchy piano melodies, oozing with a rare diversity.

The multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer’s music stylistically is groovy with vibrant vocal harmony and stunning falsetto. Providing others with the courage to be themselves, he showcases an upbeat, silly and individualized presentation that radiates throughout his songs.

Marco DeLiso takes inspiration from a wide variety of artists from Nat King Cole to Eminem and Radiohead.  His aim is to deliver excitement, escapism, and empathy to his listeners through his sheer originality and infectious joy. Take a listen to "And We Fall” and discover the one-of-a-kind style that is Marco DeLiso.

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Indie · Pop


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