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Darryl Rahn takes you back to your hometown in “Old Flame”

Brooklyn-based artist Darryl Rahn released his 5th LP Adult Small featuring the stand-out “Old Flame”. Rahn hits at the very heart of Americana with his endearing voice and full acoustic guitar chords but there’s something deeper beneath the surface.

 Voicing old thoughts about a young love, Rahn’s nostalgia is universal. The track opens with a classic 6-string strum before an honest voice captivates any listener looking for a good story. “Old Flame” is the second track on the album and one of many that will implant itself in your mind. It's rooted in small town America and those who have ever wondered if the streets—or people—in their memories have remained the same. “Old Flame” is the childlike curiosity that leads to a bold question. Something we may all think about but few vocalize. 

“I wonder if you ever catch yourself dreaming about striking up an old flame.”

But this love story stays a lingering thought. There are no plane tickets bought and no phone calls made. The track is one of 11 stories on the album that makes you feel better about staying behind while everyone else is running away. 

Adult Small is for anyone who sees the glass half full with a car on empty. A beautiful soundtrack for a sleepy town.

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