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Indie duo Kliffs shares their 'Temporary Cures' for every ailment in debut album

When you go searching for beauty in the world, you find that it unfolds all around you in the most unexpected places. As that is the beauty of the world- how the unexpected can change everything. On a day like any other twelve years ago, Mark Bérubé and Kristina Koropecki met at an improvised rehearsal space in Montreal, and the rest—as they say—was history. Relocating to Berlin, the duo took some time to officially form Kliffs, their self-proclaimed "recycled tone poems" project. And with that, they finally release their debut album, Temporary Cures

Temporary Cures is a beautiful, exquisitely arranged amalgamation of the two artists' talents. Covering keys, guitar, cello, synths, and vocals between the two, every track comes together in a harmonious union of sounds. Opening up with the soft "The Days of What's To Come", Bérubé sings a tender love song adorned with metaphorical verses and heart-piercing strings. An echoing introduction to an album that is curated with delicate instrumentals and vivid lyrical emotions. 

Standing starkly against the melodious background of the album is its fifth track "Outside of Cool V2". Supple and smooth, its soulful bass line gives life to the harmonized vocals, coating them with just the right amount of sass. And that is the beauty that is found in this 12-track debut. The way that each instrument—from the meandering piano in "Post LA Show From a Distance" to the plucked cello in "Ampersand"— talks throughout the album. Every note has a voice, and together, they make up a roaring proclamation of love, melancholy, regret, and hope. 

Catch the Kliffs on tour at these select Canadian shows:

Nov 29 - Trois-Rivières, QC - Café Zénob
Nov 30 - Québec City, QC - Maelstrom
Dec 01 - Saint Mélanie, QC -
Dec 02 - Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
Dec 03- Burnstown, ON - Neat Cafe
Dec 04 - Montréal, QC - Casa del Popolo
Dec 07 - Knowlton, QC - Theâtre de Lac Brome
Dec 08. - Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre
Dec 09 - Saskatoon, SK -
Dec 11. - Edmonton, AB - The Aviary
Dec 12 - Calgary, AB - King Eddy
Dec 13 - Penticton, BC - Dream Café
Dec 14 - Tidemark Theatre - Campbell River
Dec 15 - Victoria - Lucky Bar
Dec 16 - Vancouver - The Biltmore Cabaret

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