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Fever Joy let loose on their brash alt-pop EP "Reflections"

Glossy alt-pop duo Fever Joy share their brash and ballsy five-track EP Reflections. Crammed with heavy, blistering bass lines and powerful pop vocals, the duo's artistry is a treat to the ears indeed. With throbbing bass lines on EP opener "Bad", Fever Joy introduce you to their ferocious attitude with full force. Taking absolutely no shit at all, vocalist Avery Robitaille sings "you've been a bad boy, bad bad boy", a reminder to those not to mess with this strong woman. 

Whilst the addictive "Done Dreaming" channels a mysterious undercurrent, "You're Losing Control" exhibits exquisite oscillating electronics. The EP is definitely an exploration into breaking the boundaries of alt-pop.

Title track "Reflections" slows the EP down for a while, with intricate guitar licks. It's a change in direction for the duo, whose raucous energy is usually at the forefront. Yet, "Reflections" seems to present the band in the best way possible—it's unexpected but somehow a perfect display of slow burning alt-pop. 

Incorporating dark melodies interspersed with addictive guitar riffs on "Crazy Love", Fever Joy highlight their best features. Closing the EP with this track leaves you wanting to listen to it all over again, and that is both very clever and stylistically brilliant. Hit repeat and go again, because this rousing alt-pop is one hundred percent my cup of tea.

And if the EP still hasn't won you over, Robitaille tells us,"this EP is about empowerment, removing a 'filter' and just being open about how certain life experiences made us feel." While Sean Baker adds, "music is one of the only things that allows us to see into other people's experiences from a distance and connect with them. With that insight and connection, we can learn to be more understanding and helpful with each other's circumstances." 

Reflections is out now.

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