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Be No Rain finally share their debut happy-sad single "Deadweight"

Be No Rain weren't 100% down with what they'd written when they started to write a song back in 2011. Eight years later and after being rewritten and rerecorded numerous times, their debut single "Deadweight" is now ready for the world. And it's a retro, sweetheart dream. Grab the the closest person next to you and give them a slow-motion twirl, this is a new favourite tune.

With a nostalgic backdrop and a blend of pop and indie rock, "Deadweight" follows the concept of predeterminism, suggesting that people are predestined to continue repeating same events over and over again. With a prominent guitar line and distorted vocals, the single feels reminiscent of a time where you were most happy. Ideally, this would soundtrack your favourite American teen-drama - it's an electronic echo of a happy-sad scene segue.

"There's a particularly bitter stage in the decay of a relationship when your partner's ambitions can become directly threatening to you," Be No Rain told us. "Perhaps they mention somewhere else they'd like to live and all you hear is that they want a change... It's something that young love is most susceptible to."

Despite it's sad-appeal, the single's melody is wizardry. Earlier this week, the band celebrated the release with a Prom themed night in London called Strawberry Backstory Prom. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Be No Rain... this is only the beginning of their story. A story no doubt soundtracked by majestic bops.

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