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Toya Delazy shares dazzling and vibrant visuals for new single "Funani" [Video]

Toya Delazy goes against the grain on her single "Funani" and blends a wide variety of influences ranging from grime, gqom, industrial-pop and much more. The explosive track is produced by Henry Counsell of Joy Anonymous who helps craft a distorted bass-heavy beat that sounds like the prodigal son of afro-futuristic parents. It's somewhat hard to put "Funani" in a box but Delazy is more than comfortable in an unrestricted arena as she delivers frenzied verses in her native Zulu tongue with a hypnotic chant-like chorus.

The erratic production and vocals in "Funani" take on a new life in the unnerving video that splices a melee of neo-rave color, schizophrenic stuttering, and rapid movements. It's ripe with colorful characters that range from the obscure to strange as they frolic in an unapologetic manner. Beware if you are sensitive to the dazzling color spectrum you may hurt yourself while trying to fully understand the message of this mind-boggling visual package. Toya Delazy once again proves why she’s a serious musical powerhouse without genre-boundaries and remains an exciting individual to watch.

Get it on TraxsourceSpotify, Soundcloud.

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