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Yellow Claw release vampire-themed comic book and animated short alongside new single "Amsterdamned" [Q&A]

Dutch duo Yellow Claw have released another single from their forthcoming album Never Dies. The thunderous trap tune is called "Amsterdamned," and is the fourth single released from the album, which is out November 22nd via Roc Nation.

"Amsterdamed" follows "Let’s Get Married (feat. Offset & Era Istrefi)," "Baila Conmigo (feat. Saweetie, INNA & Jenn Morel)" and "Get Up (feat. Kiddo)," three songs that are decidedly more pop oriented than this new heavy-hitter. Accompanying the release of the track is a short animated film, which introduces viewers to Yellow Claw’s Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis in the "Amsterdamned" universe. "Amsterdamned" tells the story of the duo's origins depicted through a vampiric lens. The film was created by Yellow Claw’s team in collaboration with 50 animators.

The animated video is the prequel to the storyline of Yellow Claw's limited edition comic book collection also entitled “Amsterdamned,” which is being released at ADE. Only printing a limited run of 5,000 copies, super fans can purchase the comic book online or at the “Amsterdamned” Comic Book Store. The store will also feature merchandise inspired by the book, including action figures, clothing and skateboards.

EARMILK had a chance to catch up with the guys about their devotion to their fans, affinity for vampires, and favorite comic books of all-time.

EARMILK: Between “Let’s Get Married” and the "Amsterdamned" short video and comic book, you guys have an incredible way of engaging with your fans. How do you go about the process of highlighting certain messaging by your fans?
Yellow Claw: Thank you. First, we never give away control of our social media. It’s really us on there. That’s why our tone of voice didn’t really change over 8 years of interacting with our fans. Second, these people support us in such a major way. They support our music, our art, everything we do, basically. And we ain’t too cool to show we are grateful for that.
E: What's the craziest request a fan has ever asked of you?
YC: To sign a body part with a Sharpie which he or she then got tattooed right away. Happened a couple times actually. So sick though. 
E: Let's get into the "Amsterdamned" video. What's the story behind the vampiric theme? What is the reasoning behind that imagery?
YC: It’s an alternate reality of Yellow Claw. Some things are true. Some things changed.
E: How do those themes tie in with Never Dies?
YC: The vampires’ lifestyles and the fact that they are not being understood by everyone. And whatever they do, they can’t turn their backs from it. All these people that are supporting us with tattoos and go to our shows; there’s a fine parallel between those things.
E: You're releasing an "Amsterdamned" comic book too. Are you comic book fanatics?
YC: We love anime, we love things like the Spiderman and superhero sagas. Especially the fact that it’s been around for so long. Since the beginning of Yellow Claw, we’ve always had the feeling we could do anything. And every time, we still think, 'What if we do this or that? Could we do it?' Whatever it may be. We like to create. We like to do stuff people say is impossible or hard. 'Cause there’s a challenge in that and hopefully it can be an inspiration for other people.
E: What are your all-time favorite comic books? Were there any that served as inspiration?
YC: So much stuff. We love all the Marvel stuff. But also things like Akira, Ghost In the Shell. From pretty pop to the darker stuff basically.
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