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Corey King honors his son in "Fertility Filter" video

Becoming a parent is one of our most profound and life-altering experiences as humans and by all accounts, it affects everyone in unique ways. On his latest release A Loveless Sunken Sun, Corey King explored the power of angst in fostering growth through his own experience of having a newborn son while dealing with the loss of a loved one. The New York-based multi-instrumentalist offers up a truly unique musical representation of these emotions on the seven-track EP, including the song “Fertility Filter,” which is now accompanied by a fittingly impressionistic video directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa.

Throughout “Fertility Filter,” King communicates a focus on his son through the music and visuals. The persistent drum pattern and bass line provide a steady foundation for his flowing lyrics about letting distractions fade away. Consequently, the video features a combination of contemplative, earthy shots that regularly cut back to King and his son. It’s a beautiful representation of the fact that parenting and human connection are some of our most elemental experiences in life and when we prioritize them, all distractions fade into the distance.

A Sunken Loveless Sunken Sun is available to download or stream here.

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