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iEzra aims with the "Trigger Finger"

iEzra is the new musical project of Black Taxi singer, Ezra Huleatt - who mixes a potpourri of genres to stray from the norm. "Trigger Finger" is a politically charged piece that dives into war, politics and how it affects everyone regardless of where they stand in the matter. The heavy roots rock energy comes pouring as you hit the play button, from the lush electric guitars, throbbing bassline, and thick drums to complete the job. iEzra delivers a soft vocal performance with smooth melodies that blend seamlessly with the head-nodding backdrop.

Taken from iEzra's new project which he calls "the sound of grit and electricity juxtaposed with a call to the wild...", he uses it to explore themes of technological advancement or otherwise of humans and the departure from our original nature. Get it on Spotify.

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Alternative R&B · Dub


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