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Gang Starr and J. Cole share video for "Family & Loyalty"

After breaking the long silence with their new single, "Family & Loyalty" Gang Starr returns with a heartfelt video for the aforementioned single. The Fab 5 Freddy directed video is the first Gang Starr video ever filmed without Guru being present in the physical form and was shot on location in Harlem and Fayetteville, North Carolina. Featuring special guests J. Cole and Guru’s son Keith Casim, it starts with a quick meeting headed by Guru's lawyer with Preem, Casim, Big Shug and J Cole via video conference. We also get to see classic footage of both Guru and Preem as the video proceeds.

Another special and surreal aspect of Gang Starr’s “Family and Loyalty” video is that it captures a true full-circle, coming of age moment, as Guru’s son, Keith Casim, is an integral focus of the video. Casim was just 9 when Guru passed away and now starting to really understand the legacy his father left.  Preem adds that he wanted to go for a more reflective feel to accentuate Guru's lyrics hence the use of the old footages in form of a photo album capturing the duo's journey from the 80s till now.

"Family and Loyalty" is now available for purchase and streaming on all DSPs here.

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