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Sacred Animals creates cinematic electronica on latest single "Mono" [Video]

Calling all lovers of Son Lux, Ry X, or Moderat, for the return of Irish-based producer Darragh Nolan, a.k.a. Sacred Animals, who makes it back to the EARMILK pages today. Gathering inspiration from the sounds of deep melodic beats and atmospheric electronica, "Mono" is the latest endeavor from the artist. This is his second single taken from his upcoming LP Odin's Wain, coming out before 2020. 

Waving in and out of hi-hats, heavy synth production and Nolan's well-rehearsed introspective musical mantra, "Mono" is a full-bodied electronic track. Using music as an aural escape from the confines of the modern world, the track attempts to gain a small grasp on what it means to be a spirit living a human existence. "Mono is a visceral speeding journey through that split second where you have an understanding of what it means to be a spirit having a human existence, just before you've lost it again. "On the other side of me, you know I think in Mono, if on the other side I bleed, then what the hell do we know," says Nolan. 

In a lo-fi visual setting, Sacred Animals performs at a skatepark, while a female dancer moves through effortless but emotional twists, turns, and bodily movements. The track builds out in truly cinematic fashion, while we hear, "The music comes from this place of revelation, of having an understanding of why we're here for a glimpse, then it's gone again. It's about asking ourselves deep down what we really want & not being afraid to ask for it." That magic I feel when I listen to artists I love, to bring that same energy into Sacred Animals I followed the excitement, the rush, the magic that happens when an idea is sparking." 

The forthcoming LP, Odin's Wain came together in a collection of these small moments and "Mono" is just one of them. 

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