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Saturn, Alexander's 'SIGNS' is from another planet

Saturn, Alexander is not of this world. The South Jersey emcee's latest release, SIGNS, is an interstellar collection of blaps that provides a fresh take on the role of astrology in our lives. The album, dedicated to her late best friend Kemji, is another impressive release for Saturn, who singlehandedly wrote, engineered, and executive produced the entire project.

You might recall Saturn, Alexander's last appearance on EARMILK, when she went OFF on the single "Low End Theory." Saturn brings the same rapid-fire, charismatic flow to all 11 tracks on SIGNS, riding otherworldly beats that only seasoned spitters could successfully traverse.

She also deftly weaves in the album's Zodiac subject matter. Each song begins with a Cliff Notes version of a given sign, after which Saturn structures her bars accordingly, breaking down the passion of a Libra, the impatience of an Aquarius, the "big boss energy" of a Sagittarius. But, even if astrology isn't your shtick, Saturn's skills on the M-I-C are more than enough reason to give SIGNS a spin.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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