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Scarlett Fae delivers stunning new meditative single "Solace"

Music has always been a forum for artists to process the various triumphs and challenges that life brings and with any luck, listeners will hear some of their own experiences reflected in the work. In her latest single, Scarlett Fae bares her soul with an engrossingly intimate and meditative track called “Solace.” The U.K. vocalist delivers a track with simmering energy as she grapples with trying to find an earnest source of inner peace in her life.

At the center of Fae’s message is the idea that while so many of us are perpetually reinventing ourselves in search of validity in our purpose, the truth often lies in just being in the present moment. The music of “Solace” reflects the sentiment, with gorgeously unassuming composition and arranging elements. Beginning with an understated programmed drumbeat, the song fluctuates between two chords in the verses amid a plethora of production elements that all support Fae’s soaring vocals that careen through the mix, ending with an astounding emotional climax toward the end of the song. While Scarlett Fae has a clearly lofty level of talent, the effectiveness in “Solace” comes in its minimalism and striking honesty, as is so often the case in life.

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Feature · Neo-Soul · R&B · Soul · U.K.


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