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Saint Velez emerges from the Brooklyn underground with techno double-header via De-konstrukt Records

Quiet no more, Saint Velez emerges from Brooklyn's underground. Surfacing with a hard hitting, techno release via De-konstrukt Records, the Velez 01.19 double header is available now via SoundCloud.  The EP's two doses come in the form of "Moment to Breathe" and "Die Alone" and are two talismans of techno gleaming in the rough of the cities' budding producers' catalogues.  

The rapidly surfacing DJ and producer has made strides in crafting a name for himself in his local underground scene.  Having quietly refined his sound, self-proclaimed as "techno with an intoxicating groove", Velez 01.19 is populated by dark, rhythmic percussion and mind bending variation in progressive techno elements.

"Moment to Breathe" opens the two-piece with a dark, atmospheric glance into the producers capabilities.  Characterized by spontaneous off-beat claps and hi-hats alongside a mean under groove, the track is a strong first installment of Velez 01.19.  "Die Alone" compliments it well - in-tune with the never darker mood, the track repeats the phrase "I want to die... alone" alongside heavy, driving repetition of techno beats through the duration of the track.  --- The original mix of the track is accompanied by a remix from CMND:Z offering a distinct rework of the track, both holding their own in techno's ever-deepening climate. 

Velez 01.19 is preceded by the techno aficionados' debut Dekonstrukt Records release last year, 'Velez 01:18'. Having garnered support from artists such as Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, and Mark Greene, Saint Velez has no intentions of slowing down, as he aims to captivate those with his music both near and far, stay in the know via the socials below.

Connect with Saint Velez: | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram |

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