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TRP.P shares their heartfelt debut on ‘2TRP.P’

How beautiful the journey of life is when faced with the companionship of those closest to you. A gift of appreciation for those who have helped them reach where they are now, 2TRP.P is the debut album and brainchild of R&B and hip-hop duo TRP.P - pronounced “trippy”. 

The Toronto duo takes listeners through a christening of the mind, body, and soul on 2TRP.P. With gospel-rooted runs, jazz-laced production, and tender ballads of surrender, 2TRP.P is a soulful compilation of work that encapsulates love from start to finish. 

With undeniable chemistry, the Toronto duo, made of singer-rapper Phoenix Pagliacci and producer-singer TRuss, kick the album into motion with the heavenly flow of angelic alto on “Stairs of Progression”. And progress they do. The cadence of reflective piano chords melts into the starry “MP4 Play”. Phoenix and TRuss' sparkling vocals drift into a space-like trance to ease listeners into the sonic journey. Soon after, we see the band’s ability to mesh old school soul with a fresh perspective. The anthemic “Love, Calm Down”–a spinoff of Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘80s classic–is a raw and unfiltered celebration of crew love that is sure to get you up on your feet.

On “Without You Interlude” and “Help Me”, Phoenix’s vocals rise to mountaintop highs–unconfined and arresting as ever. Complemented by TRuss’ pianistic instrumentation, Phoenix's powerful runs are fueled by nothing but sheer passion. Finally, the gravitational pulsing of drums on “Heart’s Last Call” is TRP.P’s proof that love moves in perfect synchronization with the beat we set through the energy we give. 

2TRP.P is a sentimental journal of reflections that bring listeners to the ultimate realization: the trials in life are worth it when surrounded by the ones you love.

Connect with TRP.P: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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