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Portand’s very own Donte Thomas debuts new album 'COLORS'

Amongst the hundreds of albums released this summer, Portland’s very own Donte Thomas has dropped a musical project that will stand the test of time. Continuation Of Love Of Real Sound (COLORS) takes listeners on a trip through Donte’s raw thoughts on finding happiness, dealing with societal pressures, love versus lust, and individual growth. Regardless of your background or what stage you may be in your life, the 15-track album covers topics that many of us can relate to in one way or another. 

As a musician, Donte has crafted an album that not only highlights his impressive lyrics, but also his vocals and versatility when it comes to rap flows. COLORS also gives other rising artists in the music industry a time to shine by featuring Myke Bogan, Caleborate, Scooty, Bocha, Neal, and Ki$. Ultimately, for those of us that value meaningful lyrics, melodic rap, and thought-provoking topics, this album is one that needs to be added to your music collection.

Donte shares with EARMILK that “Continuation Of Love Of Real Sound (COLORS) was about me finding myself. I spent the past two years searching for happiness, only to find that true happiness comes from within. I want every album I make to sound different, I don't want the aesthetic to ever feel the same. At times, I lack inspiration due to finding it through everyday living. Being an artist is about self-expression, and for a while, I felt discouraged expressing who I was…. Not only does the album concept revolve around the science of chromesthesia but it gives the listener an experience of my creativity from every angle imaginable.” 

Although it’s been three years since Donte Thomas released an album, COLORS is just a part of all that the artist has going on. The artist has been performing at music festivals, sold-out shows, and has even recently collaborated with Bocha on the EP Garden Boys. As one of the most dynamic upcoming artists to come from Portland, we can only expect him to reach higher heights in the future. 

Listen to COLORS here

Connect with Donte Thomas: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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