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MADDEE drops stunning single "Clouds" ahead of debut EP

There are times when the tradition of rhythm and blues music manifests itself in unusual places. Most people might not think that a 21-year-old vocalist from Toronto could be someone to carry the torch of such a rich musical history, but MADDEE proves on her new single "Clouds" that she is more than ready to make her mark in the lineage. The beautifully atmospheric new track comes from her forthcoming debut EP entitled Red Mind, which is set for release October 9.

Over a bed of congealing synth pads, slippery guitar lines, and a patient drumbeat, MADDEE delivers gorgeously mournful vocals that captivate the listener's attention at every moment. The gently passionate track offers a thematic preview of the upcoming EP, in which MADDEE grapples with the tribulations of a negative romance. In the strikingly layered hooks, she speaks to anyone who has been damaged by love with her lyrics, "I've been running around for so long / keeping my head above ground / trying not to drown in this cloud." The band's excellent musicianship provides a worthy foundation for her words that drip with both sorrow and strength. MADDEE's performance exemplifies the power of music to persevere through trauma and shows that her debut EP should not be missed.

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