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Chicago’s Lil Durk teams up with Nicki Minaj on an “Extravagant” track

 “Yo Lil Durk, I heard you wanted to do a freaky song with the queen”.  And that's exactly what he did. This week Lil Durk drops his newest, and very explicit, track “Extravagant” featuring Nicki Minaj, also known as the Queen of Rap.

Many of us were shocked with how sensual Lil Durk got on his hit track “Home Body” released back in 2018. However, the 26-year-old rapper takes it to the next level on “Extravagant” disregarding all limitations. Produced by SKUFUL and Julian Cruz, an auto-tuned and very seductive Durkio passitonately describes all of the sexual actions with his lover. 

Quotable Lyrics [Lil Durk]: 

Scratch  your back up

Lick your chest. Pull your tracks out

Lick on your neck. Spit in your mouth

Thumb in your a**, make you cum

Nicki Minaj takes Durk’s intensely raunchy lyrics to the next level describing her alluring fantasies. Utilizing her rapping skills to switch up her lyrical flow multiple times on the track, she takes ownership over her desires in every respect demanding what she wants and exactly how she wants it.

Quotable Lyrics [Nicki Minaj]:

Keep comin’ with it ’cause I want your baby 

I want you suckin’ on my toes 

F*ck you better than them hoes 

‘Cause it’s tighter and it’s wetter 

And I suck it like a pro

Both Lil Durk and Nicki Minaj have revealed that they have albums on the way. Although we should be expecting Lil Durk’s new album Love Songs 4 The Streets II by the end of the week, Nicki Minaj has been transparent about still working on a few more finishing touches to put together her musical project. Nevertheless, grouping the two talented artists on a track gave us another banger in hip hop. Even though “Extravagant” might not be the track you play at the family bbq, it is definetly a song you want to add to your “bedroom playlist”. 

Connect with Lil Durk: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook

Connect with Nicki Minaj: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook

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