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Courtney Noe isn't "Reckless" about her forthcoming EP

When women get told that they should smile more, the result is often the stark opposite. Portland pop singer Courtney Noe is used to being called out for her cooler demeanour, but rather than wallow in the hypocrisy of demeaning comments, she chose to answer to them in her aptly titled forthcoming sophomore EP, Bad Attitude. Seeking to redefine what it means to be a woman with a bad attitude - a woman with abundant confidence and integrity. Her latest single "Reckless" aims to show a softer side of this woman, proving that underneath all exteriors, we are all just creatures of love. 

The lyrics to "Reckless" paint a vivid picture of a conversation between Noe and a past partner, who can't seem to let her move on. It's a common story, but Noe's admission that her love for him is just as reckless as his treatment of her emotions is the message that sets this apart from most stories. While the gritty honesty pours out in every line, the track itself remains calm and restrained. The percussions never overpower, and the synths act as tasty sonic garnishes, adding the final touch to a trap-blended pop number. Where we'd expect to hear snarling, there is tender crooning, with Noe's mature vocals holding their ground. "It was the hardest one to record," she shares. "It's out of my comfort zone, softer than I'm used to, not just because of the story but also because of how we decided to record my vocals. I'm used to belting and being more aggressive and for this they just needed to sit more within the song. "

Noe's sophomore EP is scheduled for release on September 13.

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