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"Somehow", James Burrage steals hearts with newest indie-pop single

If there is one thing I know about music, it's that if it doesn't come from the heart, it will never reach the listener's, either. While to some, that may simply mean putting their pen to the paper and their fingers to the guitar strings, to Essex-based artist James Burrage, it means a whole lot more. With his DIY approach to writing, producing, and mixing his own tracks alongside a friend, the resulting music is a straight and true arrow to the heart. His latest single, "Somehow", takes the charge in a guitar-laden journey toward indie-pop excellence. 

"'Somehow' is about putting the ones you love first and remaining loyal to the ones closest to you," Burrage shares. "It's about being supportive of a partner, a friend or a family member, whoever you hold dear to you. I wanted to write a track that really captures the idea of being present in a person's time of need." Though riddled with emotional intent, the track itself plays to a more uplifting tune. Sprightly guitar licks and gentle drums liven up the composition, while Burrage's vocals remain to be the true and only focal point of "Somehow". Raw and sincere, they have the swagger of an old country singer with all the youth and ambition of a 23-year-old singer. Ambition that won't be forgotten anytime soon, as we anticipate to hear more from this burgeoning artist. 

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