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CamelPhat takes on Dirty Vegas's hall of fame "Days Go By"

Ultimate respect comes with the ability to remix an all-time classic while keeping its nostalgia in tact and not beating it to death with an update. Duo CamelPhat have achieved just that with their remix of the game-changing 2002 Dirty Vegas track "Days Go By." The original, a pioneering song that broke through to the mainstream and charted on the Billboard Hot 100, has remained in music's vernacular since across commercial features and now, back into its time in the club space. CamelPhat's remix is a pointed reminder as to what a simple, slightly acidic bassline can do to a song. Debuted back in April and tested out at their performance at Coachella, the remix is on trend in its tech house breakdown and simple formula of nostalgia and fervent energy.
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