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Paraleven enters the world of progressive house with 'Ripples / Siphon' EP

A project conceptualized only 6 months ago, Paraleven has already demonstrated his production versatility - making a debut with a menacing bass house release on Tchami's Confession imprint earlier this year, he now enters the world of deep and progressive house, with a mesmerizing debut EP Ripples / Siphon on Lane 8's iconic label This Never Happened.

"Ripples" begins the EP with a melancholic fluidity. The improvisational arpeggiators, melodic plucks and throbbing bass weaved by lush sonic textures are indeed making ripples in the deep blue grooves. The entire track is drenched in pure instrumental bliss. Following, "Siphon" is on the B-side of the EP, but Lane 8 himself called this track his secret weapon for live shows. The somber yet unfettered atmosphere is constructed right from the start. Layers of meditative synth melodies melt together under a purple haze. It is a powerful record that can penetrate the pores and fill your earbuds with a languorous listen.

Stream/buy the record here.

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