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Mon Laferte denies heartache and builds a mirage on "Chilango Blues" [Video]

Starting over takes on many forms and Chilean artist, Mon Laferte, displays the vast spectrum on her latest video for her newly released single “Chilango Blues.” What came as a surprise for fans, as Laferte teased photos for the new track days prior its release in the midst of her ‘La Gira de Norma’ World Tour, “Chilango Blues” pulls Laferte back to a blues-rock crisp. Even more so, the visual companion stirs the disillusioned heart and directs mental anguish in an atypical manner.

Laferte wanders throughout Los Angeles with a memory of the past that has been transplanted into a mannequin. Denial, symbolic burden, and traits of a lingering one-sided relationship pours from the strolls between the plastic partner and Laferte. The two walk the streets of Hollywood, visit Amoeba, partake in physical intimacy, and even dabbles in El Flamin Taco, which haunts Echo Park and locals.

The normalcy of these actions speaks to the moments of insanity that many have very well felt during a break-up, but more so the moments when you lose yourself in the process. Laferte’s vocals hinder and break their confinements on selected points of the track, all while exaggerating with a smoky tone. With a strangling and weary twang on the guitar, the ballad conforms to the heartache spilled within the blues, as the video sees more so the absence.

Penned from a poetic outlook, the track passively follows vivid lines, which stylistically creates more depth for Laferte to play with: “Piel de neón (Neon Skin ) / Olor un motel (motel smell) / Que revienten todos los planetas (to burst all the planets) / Que sangre todo el cielo (bleed all heaven).” Traveling to hotel rooms mirror a real life scenario for Laferete as she cathartically mourns a relationship through rose colored glasses.

Mon Laferte will be continuing her world tour this summer adding additional stops in North America.

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