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Heavy Heart "Cry Ice" over an emotional mountainside

At the end of every relationship, there is a slow descent into separation. Moments that feel like forever gently slipping away through your fingers. When London dream-pop outfit Heavy Heart's lead vocalist Anna Vincent and guitarist Patrick Fitzroy ended their seven-year relationship, they documented the creeping breakdown in the third and final single of the band's 2019 trilogy of singles, "Cry Ice". 

Vivid with lyrical imagery and a non-imposing production, "Cry Ice" tells an allegorical story teeming with reserved emotion and a resolute heart. "[The track] is about the end of a love affair", the band explains. "The glacial, slow, final moments of it all. Specifically, the song is about two people dying together on the side of a mountain, frozen forever just out of reach of each other ".

There is a slow but deliberate melody composed of gentle drums and drowsy chords, supplementing Vincent's softly determined vocals. Mirroring the cold and apathetic frozen mountainside, the composition doesn't end in a fiery climax, it simply dissipates into nothingness, forever ensconced in the departed lovers' hearts. Because that is what this trilogy of singles have been all about for Heavy Heart. Documenting their emotional state, and releasing the pain in a cathartic end, keeping their memories close while opening up the doors to a new beginning, and hopefully new releases in the future. 

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