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Great Good Fine Ok are back with their anthemic EP "GGFour"

Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok release their latest endeavour GGFour, an EP filled with heavy synths and flecks of glimmering R&B. Beginning with the eclectic track "Easy" the EP introduces the familiar sounds of the duo. Featuring a groovy lead guitar motif, the track navigates you to the start of the EP's journey into the depths of hearty synth-pop. 

Whilst "Touch" is a more laid-back number, "Terrified" is an R&B-inspired track. Featuring New Orleans rapper Pell, "Terrified" combines a cheeky use of auto-tune with funky synths. The anthemic "New Holiday" is rife with heavy disco-esque electronics and silky smooth vocals, singing "we're gonna make a new holiday, don't need to go to work, we can stay in bed". (Now that's something I can get behind.)

The familiarity of commercial pop in "Like Home" makes the sounds of the pair comforting. Detailing the feeling of being with someone so much so that it feels like home, the track is inevitably a cleverly-produced bop. Yet it's the collaboration with Transviolet on "Gone" that stands out from the EP the most. Its slick beats and effervescent emotions teamed with mellow lyrics makes it a glimmering piece of blinding pop.

Building a fan base across the years, Great Good Fine Ok share yet another interstellar collection of artistic songs. This is simply an EP that will garner them even more fans across the globe. Speaking about the EP, the band explain "Playing this EP every night on tour has given us a unique opportunity to reflect on how the songs feel. Looking at these 7 tracks that will now live together forever as a body of work, and thinking about how they’re connected, the common thread that comes to mind is ’transition’.”

“Things are constantly changing, and that’s ok. The goal should be to find meaning and happiness - whatever that means for you. Life is short and unpredictable and flows the way it’s supposed to. It’s about learning that you need to let go as passionately as you welcome the new, and that loss is just as much a part of life as love. Life is not easy - no one ever said it would be. What happens is not important, it’s how you handle it.”

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