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Colour of the Jungle are swimming upstream in 'Steel Tray'

Five-piece alt-rock band Colour of the Jungle have just dropped their new single 'Steel Tray'. Bursting with confidence and charisma, the track details modern day life and the socio-political issues we're facing. 

Hailing from England's South coast, Colour of the Jungle consists of John Harris, Dan Fiford, Joe Costello, Brendan McVeagh, and Jack Evans. Together the band have created a vibrant and infectious rock 'n' roll sound, oozing with resonating guitars, gravelly vocals and a driving rhythm section.
'Steel Tray' highlights how life can often feel like you're fighting against the tide. With inspiration originating from the likes of Kings of Leon and The Growlers, Colour of the Jungle are certainly on the road to greater things.
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