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Velvet Starlings take us back to the 60's in "Kids In Droves"

60's soaked indie rock band Velvet Starlings have just released their new single, "Kids in Droves". Reminiscent of The Doors, the track oozes with 60's inspired instrumentation from start to finish. Featuring a contagious organ hook, jangly guitars, and bluesy vocals, 'Kids in Droves' differs sonically from its narrative.  

Focusing on the conflict between modern-day existence and our constant need for validation and escape from reality. Frontman Christian Gisbourne shares, "In the social media world, what we ‘Like’ and ‘Love’ allows corporate greed to exploit and control our behavior, minds, hearts and time, distracting and disempowering us with “useless information” and fake news. Every once in a while, we can smile...pretend to love everything, love everyone...  and in exchange we lose our privacy and our freedom of speech is further eroded.... and still, we just 'keep chasing down the fun'". 
'Kids in Droves' is the first single off of their upcoming mini album Love Everything, Love Everyone and if it is any insight into what we are yet to hear, then we are definitely in for a treat. 
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