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SK delivers silky smooth new single "When You Know"

There’s a new voice in the crowded realm of U.K. soul music who goes by the name of SK and appears ready to make waves. The London singer-songwriter has returned with a new single “When You Know,” a captivating follow up to her debut track “Nostalgia” from earlier this year. The new song showcases SK’s buttery smooth vocal delivery as she contemplates a complicated relationship.

While SK’s vocals take center stage, her band The Kings provide the track’s musical backbone with the undeniable energy of skillful musicianship. From the crackling drumbeat to the shimmering harmonies, the instruments deliver fitting accompaniment to SK’s singing. The music blossoms in the hooks with bubbling guitar lines as SK’s vocals drift over the top of the mix. While the early verses find her questioning the right steps in a relationship, by the end she is summoning her partner, singing, “Come find me, I’m waiting here.” With catchy melodies and strong musicianship, “When You Know” is another step toward a promising future for SK.

Connect with SK: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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